AGM and Annual Report

will be held on Thursday 26st November 2020 at 7.00 pm

Due to government regulations regarding Covid 19 and having taken advice from the Ramblers UK Head Office this AGM will be held using Zoom Tele-Conferencing Facilities. All Members of the Ramblers Leicester & District Group are invited to attend this AGM. The Committee fully appreciate that some members may not have the facilities to attend a Zoom Tele-Conference. If you wish to attend the AGM please contact the Secretary, Charles de Podesta at

The ANNUAL Report is available from this link.
The AGM Notice is available from this link.

Walk Booking Procedure.
1. Most walks will comprise one or more groups of 6 people, but the number may be increased slightly at the discretion of the walk leader.
2. Walkers must book a place by phoning or emailing the Walk Leader in the week before the date of the walk.
In the calendar, click the walk you want to join. Then copy or click the email in the detail. A blank email should appear.
In the subject line write “Ramblers Thursday 20 number 2” – or similar, please. Give your name and contact details.
3. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.
4. On some days more than one group of six may be walking from nearby locations.
5. These are separate walks and the groups should not mingle or gather at the same place.
6. If different groups of six are following the same route there should be at least a 30 minute gap between departure times.

If you have not booked you cannot join the walk.

Walk Leaders: Please read the “Leicester and District Ramblers Walk Leaders Guide August 2020”, download the PDF here
Walk Leaders: Please download the “WALKS RISK ASSESSMENT and WALKS REGISTER” document, complete it at the walk and send the completed form to Jenny Freeman, download the PDF here

The Leicester & District Ramblers Committee met on the 23rd July and decided a plan to restart a Walks Programme from the week commencing 10th August 2020. This date is not set in stone and is dependent on the current lockdown in Leicester being lifted either completely or for the larger part of the City. The lockdown is due for review by the Government on 1st August 2020.

Our group walks have been cancelled since March 2020 because of the Covid 19 pandemic. Whilst the pandemic has receded, Covid 19 still remains a threat and we will have to adopt some new practices in our walks to ensure they are as safe as possible and in full compliance with Ramblers and HM Government guidelines and advice.

Not all of our regular walks will resume on the 10th August. We are hoping to restart some walks on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Members of the committee (Tony Richards & Steve Crane) will be working with the Walk Organisers & Walk Leaders to create a programme for a month ahead which will be published online as soon as possible. Members will be notified by email when this happens.

The single biggest change is that group walks are limited to a maximum of six people including the walk leader. This means we need a booking procedure for the walks.

Walking independently
Subject to government advice and restrictions about those who are in households with symptoms or pre-existing health conditions: independent walks can continue and are an excellent way to maintain health and wellbeing – provided independent walkers can keep their distance from others. If walking in more remote areas, please stay well within your limits as this is not the time to be calling on the services of mountain rescue.

We have a Facebook page HERE. Please have a look, add a comment, ask a question, post a photo.

Footpath Problems: how to report a blocked or damaged footpath or stile.

Social Events
Ideas to: Frank Russell, 0116 224 0605, to book a place.

GPX tracks of some of our walks are now available on this site.
Use the ‘Tracks’ menu item or this link here to see the list of 295 (so far) and an example track and attendant information.

Public Rights of Way in Leicestershire
There is a link to this map here and on the “Links” page.

Leicester Ramblers
We are the largest and most active group in the Leicestershire and Rutland area: over the last year we had around 450 members and organise between 5 and 9 walks per week, and all are well attended, with some walks having over 40 people.
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