Members’ Info

From David Siddons, Walks & Programme Secretary, Leicester & District Ramblers

Please let Bob Collins have your claim for travelling expenses involved in walking out your rambles as soon as possible so that he can finalise the accounts for this year.You can claim 20p a mile car expenses. Forms are downloadable from our website (which is now operational again).
You do not have to claim expenses if you don’t want to, but in order that we can have an objective indication of how much it is costing to put on our walks, Bob would be grateful if you would claim the expenses anyway, but put a note on the claim form that you would like to donate the expenses to Group funds.
Alternatively, you could claim your expenses for which you will receive a cheque, but the Committee suggest that you could then donate the amount to the Leicestershire Air Ambulance. We have had to call out the air ambulance twice in recent years, and it costs £1800 a time, so it is our preferred charity. As the Ramblers is a charity, we cannot contribute our own funds to another charity, but you may of course, as an individual, contribute whatever you wish.

Walk Organisers – please let me have the full contact details of any new walk leaders as soon as they are put in the programme. They will then receive a Walk Leaders’ Handbook and be put on the Walk Leaders contact list. All leaders MUST be paid-up members of the Ramblers (for insurance purposes). If you are a walk leader, and haven’t yet received a handbook, please let me know.

All Walk Leaders – (with the exception of coach ramble leaders), please make sure that you let Jenny Freeman have the list of walkers as soon as possible after your walk. It is also requested that you enclose a photocopy of the map with the route you took marked on it (with a felt pen, for example). All this information is being collected by the Area Footpaths Secretary so that he can compile a record of footpaths walked and by whom which can be used as evidence of use in the event in the future of any move to remove a public right of way.

If you would like to make a contribution to the next Newsletter (due in January 2017), please do not hesitate. We are looking for “photographs with a story”, tips for ramblers, short rambler-based poems, short accounts of interesting rambles, ‘letters to the editor’ about any rambling subjects, etc etc. Please send them to me asap, and before 30th November.

Mike Goodrich has had to step down as Footpaths Secretary, so this position is now vacant. If you think you might be interested in taking it on, please contact Terry Bates asap.
Janet Reeves will be stepping down as Evening Walks Organiser after 2017 (she will be organising next year’s walks), but we are looking for someone who would be willing to take her place. Again, please contact Terry Bates if you are interested.