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The image below is what a gpx track looks like on this site. The track is superimposed on a Google map showing data from Open Street Map, not Google. You can select different map types from the little drop-down menu on the top left of the map. On the bottom right are the increase/decrease icons, so you can zoom in/out of the map. You can drag the little man onto the map to get a street view (great for finding the start of the walk!!).
Below the map is a graph of the contours along the track and below the graph are some details of the walk such as length, elevation and total time. Finally, you can click the “download” link to get the gpx file onto your computer and GPS.

If you have a GPS device or smartphone then you can create a track and send it to me to add to this list: please email them to Jenny, the map secretary (js.freeman [at] or Howard, webmaster (hefreeman [at] Each file is a precise record of a walk, and a collection will increase to the value of the website to walkers.

Suitable apps: ‘GPX recorder’ on iPhone; ‘GPS Logger’ for Android, both free.

Please send .gpx files of your walks to us for inclusion here – coach walk tracks gratefully received.